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Bearing sealing should pay attention to six major factors
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In order to protect the automobile bearing well, the lubrication condition and the policy working environment, and give full play to the performance of the bearing, we seal the bearings. Bearing seal can be divided into its own seal and external seal, its own seal refers to the bearing, the province made into a sealing device, but the encryption seal we need to choose. So, what factors should we pay attention to when we select the bearings and seals?
Comes with the advantages of sealing: such as bearings with dust cover, sealing ring and so on. The sealing space is small, and the installation and disassembly are relatively convenient, and the cost is relatively low.
Bearing sealing should pay attention to six major factors:
1, bearing lubricant and types (grease and oil), the working environment of the bearing, space size, the utility model has the advantages of supporting structure, allowing the angle deviation, sealing surface circumferential velocity, the bearing temperature, manufacturing cost.
2, the vehicle should be within the rated load range, if serious overloading will lead directly to bearing overload, will lead to early failure of bearings, more serious will cause vehicle failure and personal safety accidents.
3 ?forbid the axle to bear the abnormal impact load.
4, regularly check the use of bearings, pay attention to observe the bearing parts are abnormal sound and local sharp temperature rise phenomenon; according to requirements, regular and quantitative filling lubricating oil or grease.
5, according to the use of vehicles, at least every six months to completely replace the lubricating oil, and the bearings carefully checked;
6, under the condition of bearing maintenance inspection: the disassembly of the bearing under the kerosene or gasoline clean, carefully observe the inner and outer cylindrical surface of the bearing is a sliding or creeping phenomenon, bearing inner raceway surface without spalling, pitting, rolling body and cage for wear and deformation, according to the overall situation of the bearing check whether to continue to use, the judgment of the bearings.
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