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Working principle of oil bearing
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Working principle of oil bearing
The use of porous material properties or compatibility with lubricating oil, the bearing installed before use, the infiltration of lubricating oil bearing materials, bearing during the work can not add or no longer add lubricating oil, the bearing is called oil bearing.
When the oil bearing is in the non running state, the lubricant is full of its pores. When it is running, the shaft is turned hot by friction. The thermal expansion of the bearing bush reduces the porosity, so the lubricant overflows and enters the bearing clearance. When the shaft stops rotating, bearing cooling, pore recovery, lubricating oil is sucked back into the void.
Although it is possible for the oil bearing bearing to form a complete oil film, in most cases, this kind of bearing is in the mixed friction state of the incomplete oil film.
You can use the porous properties of the materials, so that the lubricating oil oil bearing materials with pore growth: wood, cast iron, cast copper alloy and powder metallurgy antifriction materials; can use the compatibility of materials and lubricants, oil bearing materials make the oil dispersedin the material for polymer, such as phenolic resin oil.
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