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Self aligning ball bearing early damage mode
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Bearing in the normal application process; due to the gradual wear until eventually lost work, using his talent to end its natural damage; this is difficult to avoid. But if the result of the proposed machine equipment adjustment, improper lubricating oil due to good quality or the use of harsh conditions and other factors resulting in premature bearing wear or damage is the early damage; human form. Early damage not only greatly reduce the bearing using life together; it will affect the normal work of the proposed machine.
According to the experience of repairing diesel engine for a long time, it is found that mechanical damage, bearing pitting, fatigue pitting, corrosion and so on are the most common methods for the early damage of sliding bearings
The mechanical damage of sliding bearing mechanical damage is not the same degree of grooves appear serious bearing alloy surface; when in contact with the surface of the metal strip and a large area of the messy scratch, under normal circumstances; contact surface damage and erosion. The main reasons exist together constitute a representation of mechanical damage to the bearing bearing surface is difficult to form oil film or the oil film was seriously damaged.
Bearing cavitation sliding bearing in cylinder pressure under the action of repeated impact load); surface layer of plastic deformation and cold hardening deformation; some loss of talent; gradually formed pattern and expanding; followed by falling debris; in loading surface layer bearing hole. General occurrence cavitation is the first; in the pit; then the pits gradually expand and cause cracking of alloy layer interface; crack parallel to the interface expansion; until the fall aborted. The main reason is bearing cavitation; because of cross section of the oil groove and holes and other planning elements of the sudden changes of oil flow in the oil flow violent disorder; vacuum disorders a bubble; then the pressure increased; and the occurrence of cavitation bubble collapse. Cavitation occurs in the high area of the bearing; such as crankshaft main bearings on the bearing.
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