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Self aligning ball bearing disassembly skills
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The self aligning ball bearing is used to fix the inner ring of the bearing and the shaft through the eccentric sleeve, and the inner six angle screw on the eccentric sleeve is used for fastening.
1. first use the inner six angle wrench to loosen the locking screw on the eccentric sleeve of the bearing, then insert the small iron rod into the sinking hole on the eccentric cover of the cover, and loosen the eccentric sleeve against the rotation direction of the shaft.
2. unscrew the bolts. Remove the bearing together with the bearing seat from the shaft. Attention should be paid to the bearing seat bolts at the other end of the shaft before the bearing block at one end of the shaft is dismantled so as to avoid the damage of the bearings at each end.
Two, installation
1. bearing to the shaft before installing, you must first remove the fixed pin bearing jacket, while the journal surface decoration effect diagram press machine pressure pipe machine polished clean, oiled and rust in the journal office and lubrication (bearings in the shaft to allow a slight rotation).
2. apply lubricating oil on the mating surface of bearing seat and bearing, and put the bearing into bearing seat. Then the assembled bearing and the bearing seat are sheathed together on the shaft and pushed to the required position for installation.
3. the bolt of the fixed bearing seat should not be tightened first, and the bearing outer sleeve can be rotated in the bearing seat. The same end of the same shaft is installed on the other end of the bearing and seat, the shaft rotates a few laps, so that the bearing itself automatically find the right position. Then tighten the bearing seat bolts.
4. eccentric sleeve. The eccentric sleeve is sheathed on the eccentric sleeve bearing on the steps, and hand along the axis of rotation direction on tight. Then insert a small iron bar or withstand the sink hole on the eccentric sleeve. Hammer percussion along the axis of rotation of the small iron. The eccentric sleeve is firmly installed, finally locking on the eccentric sleeve six screw angle.
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