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Which is better, self aligning ball bearing cover and iron lid seal?
Clicks:5005 Date:11-21
For the self aligning ball bearing type sealing rubber cover seal and iron cover sealing points, many customers do not know how to distinguish between the two types of technical personnel, the Yiyang Longma bearings Co. Ltd. will introduce.
The main function of the bearing seal cover is to prevent the external foreign body invasion (solid foreign body, liquid foreign body), to prevent bearing lubricant loss.
There are two kinds of sealing forms for self aligning ball bearing sealing cap:
First, non contact seal cover (no contact between sealing cover and inner ring), including stamping steel plate sealing cover (iron seal) and non-contact rubber sealing cap.
Advantages: dustproof, relatively high speed, metal sealing cover relatively quiet, low effect, the price is relatively low.
Disadvantages: can not prevent liquid foreign body invasion.
Two. It is a contact type sealing cap (the inner ring of the sealing cap and bearing has single lip or multi lip contact), including contact rubber seal cap and labyrinth contact seal cover.
Advantages: dustproof, liquid foreign body, mute effect is high.
Disadvantages: slightly lower speed, slightly higher prices.
So, self aligning ball bearing seal cover is not good or bad difference, only the appropriate difference. For example, in a clean environment, it is unnecessary to use a contact rubber seal cap, which will only increase the additional cost of the manufacturer.
To sum up, the sealing type is not good or bad, mainly considering where the bearings are used. The environmental factors of bearings should be considered, in fact, the sealing effect and friction coefficient.
The sealing ring structure is different, the material is different, the friction coefficient is different, if the high speed to choose high friction coefficient of bearing, then the bearing will soon be bad; the other is the dustproof effect is different. Therefore, the selection of bearings in the selection of bearings sealing or sealing should take into account many factors.
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