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Self aligning ball bearing wear reason and Prevention Technology
Clicks:4982 Date:11-27
The amount of material loss due to wear is called wear loss. This can be obtained by measuring the length, volume, or mass of the material, and correspondingly referred to as line wear, volume wear and mass wear.
Self aligning ball bearing use factors mainly refers to the installation adjustment, maintenance, maintenance, repair and so on, whether it meets the technical requirements. According to the requirements of the bearing installation, use and maintenance technology, which acted on the bearing in operation of the load, speed, temperature, vibration, noise and lubrication condition monitoring and inspection, abnormal immediately find the cause, adjust, restore normal. But Xiaobian that installation conditions is one of the leading factors in the use factor, bearing is often caused by the installation of inappropriate stress state between the parts of the whole set of bearings change bearings running under abnormal condition and the early termination of life of internal factors mainly refers to the three major factors of structure design, manufacturing process and material the quality of self aligning ball bearing quality decision.
1. improper use of bearings
Reason: improper erection, operation or disassembly may cause deformation or defect of cage
Recommendation: use appropriate tools for operation, installation and disassembly
2. inadequate lubrication
Reason: inadequate lubrication or improper lubrication may cause element galling or severe self aligning ball bearing deformation
Suggestion: improve lubrication system, replenish and replace lubricant regularly and properly
3. rust and corrosion
Reason: contact water may cause corrosion and rust of bearing element in water pump shaft. Self aligning ball bearing after corrosion damage may cause spalling at work
Suggestion: check the seal regularly, ensure the good sealing effect, and correctly store the imported bearings
4. current
Reason: turning on power may cause grooves or nicks. When self aligning ball bearing is stationary, improper electrical grounding may lead to minor burns
Suggestion: reduce or avoid the current passing through the bearing before welding the parts outside the bearing by proper ground connection
5. external materials
Reasons: wear particle contamination and debris invasion may lead to wear, abrasion and dent of imported bearing working face
Suggestion: remove invading particles and fragments, replace lubricant, check sealing system
6. eccentric
Reason: eccentric, inclined or excessive load may lead to geometric stress concentration or surface spalling
Suggestion: accurate machining of imported bearing block and shoulder
Self aligning ball bearing after installation, to check the installation is correct, to carry out the operation inspection. Small machines can be rotated by hand to make sure the rotation is smooth. Check the project caused by foreign bodies, scars, indentation is dysfunctional, due to poor installation, mounting process arising out of the bad moment is not stable, because the clearance is too small, installation error, sealing caused by friction torque is too large and so on, without exception you can start power operation.
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