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How to make high quality self aligning ball bearing
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Self aligning ball bearing is suitable for high speed and even extremely high speed operation, and it is very durable, no need to maintain regularly. This kind of bearing has small friction coefficient, high limit speed, wide range of dimensions and various forms. It is widely used in machinery industry, such as precision instruments, low noise motors, automobiles, motorcycles and general machinery. The main load is radial load, but also can bear a certain amount of axial load.
First of all to take car into the correct thickness of bearing ring, the inner ring into the outer ring, and then through a grinder, grinding it into accurate thickness, completed by a check meter thickness, now machine to separate the inner and outer rings with different grinding machine, the outer surface of the outer ring, into the surface grinder, grinding machine to accurately and accurately circle diameter. With water soluble solution to avoid bearing ring overheating, overheating will warp.
After measuring, the bearing ring can leave the grinder. The gauge is responsible for measuring diameter. Then grinding the raceway of the outer ring and grinding the outer diameter of the bearing into accurate roundness and size with the grinding machine with oil cooling liquid. The inner race and raceway are also completed by similar machines.
The following is a bearing ring for polishing, grinding machine polishing bearings coated with lubricating oil ring surface, until shiny, this is the decoration effect picture press machine polishing pressure of the machine before and after comparison. Then cleaning, in stone abrasive oil penetration. Then clean with kerosene. In other workshops, the workers produce balls according to size, the raw material for making balls is steel wires, the machines cut them into segments, and then they punch them into the ovule with the die bed, and the grinders cut the protrusions on both sides of them. Another machine rounded them and polished them, and the whole process took a few days.
The ball is hardened by the furnace. Then the cleaning agent cleaning, the quality inspection of finished after the ball was sent to the slot, slot was placed on an automatic assembly machine, machine will send the ball to the ball through the hose pusher, pusher of the rolling ball into the correct number of inner and outer rings between the ball, the ball was arranged in uniform the raceway, then arrange the holder which is fixed on the metal frame can be ball raceway.
The first machine arranges half of the cages, the slots on each cage, and the other carefully install the other half cage. The machine rotates the bearings for testing. Then the two cages are completely connected. The bearings have been installed at this point.
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