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What is the process flow of self aligning ball bearing?
Clicks:5064 Date:11-21
Self aligning ball bearing is the bearing used on the roll neck and roller for metallurgy, mining and other mill stands. Cylindrical roller bearings are usually used to bear radial loads. Tapered roller bearings with deep groove ball bearings or angular contact ball bearings or radial design or thrust design are subjected to axial load.
About self aligning ball bearing design, the relevant personnel Yiyang Longma Bearing Co., explains self aligning of ball bearing loss related with many factors, generally very normal, angular contact bearing aluminum foil rolling mill of the typical loss is a worldwide problem, I personally think that the lubricating oil mist lubrication effect is very important, a little good point, and bearing installation clearance problem.
In addition to the shaft end of the baffle and the bearing clearance, and bending load bearing outer ring and cylinder problem caused by multi factors, such as foreign SEEMARK mill made by SKF bearing cone and thrust bearing. And bearing outer ring spring buffer and so on.
The 1. roll four row cylindrical roller bearings are generally small, the inner ring and the static roll with general installation sleeve, the inner ring is loaded into the inner ring grinding roller to reference the outer circle, because it can not bear the axial force, the axial force generated in the process of rolling bearing need to withstand the general selection of double row a back-to-back angular contact ball bearing, face to face and double row tapered roller bearings, thrust bearings and four point angular contact ball bearing etc..
The 2. working roller bearing four row tapered roller bearing, because of its structure, the inner ring and the roller is movable fit, i.e. roll regrinding, bearing and a bearing seat together removed, itself can withstand a certain axial force, so there is a small mill axial force is itself bear, and some large, or high precision rolling mill, generally using axial force bearing.
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